How do we spend our days?


Ya know what? This is pretty great.

Sometime’s people ask me “so, how do you spend your days?”, with our ‘luxury’ of time… Well, we just do what we gotta do. Which results in quite a mix! Some days are those days that just happen so fast; you’re looking at your computer ticking things off the list, email after email (admin- which, i’m kinda enjoying tbh) or, you’re working on a song and suddenly it’s dusk. Our days are a mix of eating, meeting people- old & new, writing new songs or recording the ideas we’ve caught in our heads or on our voice memo’s…And sometime’s they’re day’s like this one i’ve decided to tell you about here…

We had a gig on Wednesday night in Christchurch, and decided that Thursday would be a ‘weekend’ day for us. We drove out to Akaroa after a treat breakfast from our friends who’s driveway we’d pulled up in (bacon & eggs- perfect start!) and then we took our time getting out there- via a MEAN coffee stop at Lyttleton Coffee & Co and drove the most beautiful autumn drive to our freedom carpark in Akaroa.
We had the most stunning weather- where the lake’s and harbour looked like glass! And jumped on our bikes upon our arrival to explore a new place. AND WHAT A PLACE.

We’re working on our first album at the moment, which is inspired by our native birds in Aotearoa. Much to our delight, when we were riding, we were called into the bush, up a hill past an old cemetery by the most beautiful call of the Korimako, the Bellbird. Their tunes rang out over the harbour and through the big trees above, it was glorious! They’d swoop by making a pretty sweet propeller sound and then call out to their friends perched in other trees. Among the Korimako were a few cheeky Tui who made their sound loud and proud too. Charles and I were in a bit of a wonderland here and are planning an a cappella song for this one! With the hum of the lawn mower a few yards away, and the ring of cicadas and the songs of the birds, we’re now so excited to try replicate a lil something from this scene!

There was a little French deli we had passed in the township en route, which I popped my head into and was instantly inspired to make a little french/italian feast for our evening meal before our fishing adventure was to commence.
Fresh bread – the final loaf first called my name and then I grabbed a little pottle of fresh basil that must have been picked from a nearby garden, a few slices of beautiful Italian salami and a home-made bruschetta which i’ve written the recipe for at the end of this blog because Charles think’s I nailed this one.

A bit of reading followed our content tummy’s meal and at 8pm we set off on our bikes to the wharf with the lights.
No bites. Nothing at all. At 10.25pm we were about ready to finish up and head back to our home when we saw a rather big looking fish zoom past and under the wharf… “Just one more try” on the line with no bait but a few sparkly flasher rig.
SURE ENOUGH, a big ol’ fish grabbed the hook and Charles walked around the wharf to the step for “she’s a big one!”.
A big ol’ Blue Moki she was indeed! It was SO exciting.

We called it a night after this, as this sweet fish would be enough for the two of us, and let me tell you what we made with this fresh fishy-fish fish!

Morena came with quite an excitement as our fish was ready to be fried up and enjoyed for breky- we’d filleted and cleaned the fish in salt water the night before and all we did with it next was fry it up in a bit of olive oil, pepper and fresh lemon. MY goodness, it was good.
With the rest, we’re making a fish curry for my brother and sis-in-law who’ve let us park up in their driveway for the week. YUM.

Well this blog certainly became pretty foodie din’ she!

Hope you enjoyed the read!
Time to record a song now.

XO Emily

PS, here’s the recipe 😉

Emily’s bruschetta recipe:

2 x tomatoes
half a small onion
a dollop of olive oil
parmesan cheese – grated
salt & pepper to flavour
half a lemon

Chop the tomatoes & onion nice and fine, add the olive oil, s&p and squeeze lemon on till it’s reached the tanginess desired.

Enjoy served on lightly fried fresh bread; fry with a cheeky bit of olive oil and sprinkled with the cheese- it melts- it’s a dream! Top with a few bits of teared basil and add Italian Salami if you fancy! *A Shiraz goes super with this simple dish!

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