Southbound are we!


The time has come when we finally start cruisin’ south with the music!
I want to say ‘finallllyyyy’ (cause we are soooo ready for this!), but then I think about all that’s been so far and I wouldn’t change a second of it, not even getting a bit sick and actually having to stop for a couple of days. It’s all been gooood.

We’re currently in Papamoa, i’m drinking a mean coffee at Charle’s cuzzies home opposite the beach. Taking a moment to write a few things down.
Let me tell you a little bit about what we’ve been up to!

1. WEDDINGS. If you’ve been following us on Instaaa you’ll notice that there’s been a wedding every single weekend for the last 2 months. A total of 10 this summer, and every one has been SO special!
I’ve been a bridesmaid 3 times for 3 very beautiful friends of mine, inside and out! With each of these weddings comes a hens party – i’ve experience such things as making dumplings, drawing a nude man and horse riding at Pakari! I’ve been pampered to the days with all my gals and this has been quite a treat really.
My gals each married their love’s and it’s been insane to witness such a full summer of LOVE.
We learnt that our lil duo can carry a dance floor into the night pretty good! Love us a bit of Doobies and Wonder.

2. Home is wherever!  We’ve stayed in our van quite a bit… but honestly, we’ve probably had the same amount of nights in friends and families home as we have in our lil home on wheels. What a treat it’s been. We’ve been spoiled by such warm hospitality and have even had strangers at gig’s let us know we’re welcome to come stay at theirs some time- how sweet is that!

3. Celebrating. Every time we’re somewhere new, with a new group of friends, at a new venue, in another’s home, we celebrate. As well as the weekendly weddings, we’ve kinda been in celebration mode constantly. I LOVE IT. Loving the buzz of always being somewhere new. And then when we go back somewhere again there’s still a reason to celebrate, cause you’re back with these people in this place. Life is a celebration.
We’ve celebrated marriages, celebrated new friendships and old ones, done we’ve celebrated family, and we’ve celebrated the life of our Grandad Looker too. He was a well loved and a love filled man who we already miss.

4. A spontaneous trip to Melbourne! We had 2 of our good friends get hitched in Melbs with a rather short notice announcement of their wedding! It happened to be the one free weekend we had for the summer and so jumped on a plane and had a pretty mean week over there with them and all their friends and family too!

5. We’re WRITING lots now! We’ve kinda settled into our random routine- which is hardly a routine at all, more just that every day is different and knowing it will be and so rolling with it in a productive way. Charles is currently working on ‘Piwaiwaka’- one of the tunes for the ‘MANU’ album we’re planning to release for next summer. WEEEEE get excited about this.

SO all in all, things are swell, and now we’re off to Gizzy! 3 gig’s this week, which means 3 different crowds of people we’re so looking forward to getting to know and share our tunes with.

A special shout out to ‘The Bunker’ on Mt Vic | Devonport, for one of the most special gig’s we’ve ever been a part of. We felt so valued as musicians and adored the way our songs were heard and all the conversation and fun that happened that night.

Bring on the rest!


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