The best kind of productive


The best kind of productive, I think, is when you’re able to feel rested while enjoying life in a rich way, and at the same time, you get loads of rad stuff done.The last 10 days have been all of these things, and here’s three reasons why.

We completed our Aro Campground Tour!
We’ve been playing music at 5 very different campgrounds over the summer since just before the New Year arrived and it’s been a treat!
Over a month living in a van now and the thing we love most about it is how simple it is. We still cook our own food (and we’re in love with cooking & preparing meals outside!), we set up the van and sometimes the tent if we’re gigging heaps so we can just crash post gig without having to organise the van properly (a small space- and everything has it’s place) and we ride our two yellow bikes so much!

Campground highlights:

  1. The people we meet! Kind strangers who think what we’re doing is pretty cool. We’ve met a nice mix of kiwi families on their summer holidays, and all the other vanlifer’s – who so far have all been from overseas! I think they find it a bit of a surprise that we two are just kiwi’s travelling around our own country- why wouldn’t we though?!
  2. The kids! The BEST campground gig was at Hahei Holiday Campground (such good vibes!), where most kids had some form of transport other than their feet (bike/scooter/other wheel things that I’m not too sure what they really were). We played in the middle of a round-a-bout under a giant Pohutukawa tree covered in fairy lights (yus), and the kids roamed around and around us the entire set! It was the sweetest thing, the ‘human carousel’ we called it. It was sweet when the little kiddies would catch our eye and smile- cute until it made us nervous about them continuing in the flow of 40 or so other kids on their bikes!
  3. The support for our own tunes! We quite like the music we make… and it’s always pretty rad to find out others do too. People joined in with us singin’ “ooooh I’m in love with youuu”, which was a buzz, and the EP sales have been mean! (Just when I thought no one bought CD’s anymore haha!)

I am a jewelry maker again!
When I was 12, I first got into making jewelry, and my rad parents supported it by getting me a super cool drill to make shell earrings and things. I then discovered the clay you shape into things and then pop it into the oven to turn it hard. I remember getting several colours of the clay at the ‘Ellerslie Flower show’ – the same year my mum’s garden got a gold award (the bomb).
I put the clay in a brown paper bag and to my delight I re-discovered the bag of half used clay and have been busy making lil earrings and cooking them up to sell at the campgrounds! It is SO much fun. I’ve missed using my hands and eyes to create things like this- and realizing how much of a joy it is to have time for these things again! Also to my surprise, I’ve managed to sell quite a few! Glad some people like my swirls and colour combos too!

We had a holiday!
“But isn’t your life just one big holiday now?” I hear people think… Well. In a way it is! We’re camping, we’re travelling, and we see new things everyday- including the amazing sea life! Charles has been snorkeling and we’ve been fishing a few times and love that you can seeeeeeeee the life under the sea so clearly!
BUT, we’ve actually found ourselves pretty exhausted. Gigging up to 4 times a week and moving around all the time might be the cause…

So we had a holiday! We went away with some very good friends of ours, played board games, ate well, slept well and felt very rested and ready for the next month of music ahead.
Fortunately our ‘work’ doesn’t really feel like ‘work’- and we did have a couple of practices and did do a lot of admin (which I love love love!). The pace was perfect, there was no rush and endless internet, and so our holiday was very productive, the best kind of productive I reckon.

So that’s a lil slice o’ us!
Till next time my amigos,

Emily xo

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