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‘Manu’ (bird) is a bilingual – te reo Māori & English, 10 track album transcribed from the melodies and rhythms of our birds, playing on their characteristics, and some of their significances for Māori. The kaupapa of this project is to address identity, through the means of practising some of our traditional Māori methods of composing waiata.

This all began when Aro heard a melody sung by a Tui on top of Te Ipu o Mataoho/Mt Eden in Auckland 1 year ago. This song was translated into a mimicking song, which then became the trailblazer for their debut album, Manu. Since then, the duo have allowed the stories and sounds of 9 other manu to inspire them to write a whole album that uses the language, sounds and harmonies of Aotearoa to tell their beautiful stories.

By bringing attention to these birds and the stories they have inspired, through songs that are memorable, with words that are encouraging and fun to sing, the message is for people, particularly young people, to be proud of who they are as Māori and as New Zealanders.



ARO EP – released July 31, 2017

This EP was home recorded by Charles and Emily Looker at Looker Nook studio.

Mixed and mastered with (THE MAN) Vivek at Gabriel Audio- we love you dude!



VAN JAMS EP – released June 4th, 2018

Songs from our heart to you, recorded live from our van Jamba!

listen here


‘Oh Love’

Live at Kumeu Live August 2017

Thanks to the lovely Harriett Maire for capturing this song for us!

To hear the whole Aro debut EP, head to BandCamp or Spotify



Recorded live from our Looker Nook June 2017

To hear the whole Aro debut EP, head to BandCamp or Spotify


‘A Hymn Of Faith’ – released 9th June 2017

Recorded and produced by Vivek Gabriel of Gabriel Audio

Music by Aro

ARO hymn of Faith